The Small Lure company was founded on the premise of offering unique fishing lures to the market. We currently make specialized custom trolling lures and skirts that have been rigorously tested for the best possible action and performance.  We have future plans to expand to other products soon, so check back often to see what we are working on next!

We have partnerships with custom lure designers and teams of field testers so we can offer products that swim and work flawlessly for your inshore or offshore expeditions.

“Paint to sample” heads, product development January 2021

Machaca charters in Massachusetts with a Cruiser-T bullet and a yellowfin tuna at the canyons, Summer 2021.   Proper presentation and coloration is important when fishing for certain species and we will continue to accept feedback from industry professionals worldwide.  Picture courtesy of Captain William Hatch.

To fish with Machaca charters in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, please visit http://machacacharters.com  for more information

Fine tuning the action in December 2020 with Captain Rick Croson of Living waters guide in Wilmington, NC. We spent the day watching several versions of the Cruiser-T and caught a bonito within 10 minutes of trolling. When we arrived back at the dock, we discussed several other tweaks to make sure the Cruiser-T performs its best within specific size ranges.

To fish with Captain Rick Croson out of Wilmington, North Carolina, please visit https://livingwatersguidenc.com for availability.

We will be adding a great selection of new products including several styles of trolling and casting lures in the near future.  There are currently several concepts undergoing re-design and testing phases to make sure we provide the best products possible. 

Keep up to date on our instagram page and to see what we are working on next!

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